Mike Sardo


Mike Sardo


Mike’s skillset is most accurately described as: Getting projects from where they are, to where they
need to be. Having started (or purchased), and sold, 6 successful businesses before his 38th birthday.  Mike is no stranger to the hurdles, emotions, and complexities involved in successfully transacting a
A ’99 graduate of SWT (a.k.a. Texas State University), Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Coaching, Mike
has co-authored two sport training books, won a Collegiate Cheerleading National Championship (2003),
and worked for the San Antonio Spurs as a member of the Coyote Crew.

Married to his best friend of 28 years, his wife Shannan is a former professional water skier and all-star
mother to their two awesome children. They live on Medina Lake.

Mike serves as a Board Member for the Bandera Youth Sports complex and volunteers time with the
Bandera Youth Soccer Association.