Sell A Business

We sell more than 90% of the businesses we represent.
The industry standard is less than 30%.

What Makes The Difference

At Texas Business Buyers, we curate matches between sustainable, profitable businesses and motivated, qualified buyers.

We do everything in our power to assess your business for a fair valuation and simplify the change of ownership — freeing you up to live your life and enjoy the (cash) fruits of your labor.

6 Months

Average of 6 months from listing to ownership change - half the time of some other brokers!


We consistently acquire offers at 95-100% of asking price.

Over 50%

50% of our transactions come from our internal VIP buyer network – the largest of its kind.

We Know Your Time Is Valuable

You’re already busy running a profitable business. You don’t have time to waste on vetting buyers and tire-kickers. And you can’t afford for word to slowly spread that you are selling a business.

For that reason we have streamlined the process and  maintain a list of cash-in-hand buyers who are eager to purchase at our recommendation.

Our advanced use of technology means you spend more time on your business, we spend more time facilitating a win-win business deal and everyone spends less time stuck in tedious and repetitive tasks.


The Process

Selling a business is a lot of work. Our in-house experts navigate every step, working for you behind the scenes while you keep your hands on the wheel and continue “business as usual” as far as the outside world can see.

A typical seller transaction includes at least the following steps:

Initial conversation that includes a free, confidential strategic-exit consultation
Internal marketing launch to VIP buyer list
External marketing launch across digital and conventional channels
Buyer pre-screenings and NDAs (selecting from hundreds of candidates)
Tour business and introduce buyer and seller
Receive escrow deposit
Due diligence assistance/oversight using agreed upon team
Drafting of purchase contracts by legal counsel
Finalize new leases, lease assignments and real estate contracts
Closing day
Comprehensive business review and valuation
Listing presentation with price target and marketing strategy outline
Pre-launch (business packaging and confidential presentation creation)
Confidential business reviews by top buyer matches
Negotiation, offers, and letter-of-intent signing
Deal structuring and financing terms
Financial underwriting, packaging, and bank commitments
Final buyer items including entity creations, business planning and state registrations
Closing checklists, final inventory, etc.
Transition assistance including press releases, company announcements, etc.

Your Next Chapter Starts Here

Whether you’ve spent a lifetime building a single business or you’re a serial entrepreneur, Texas Business Buyers can ease your transition to life of leisure, or new challenges — the choice is yours.

Just be warned, we don’t sugarcoat anything, not our valuations, not your bottom line, not growth projections, employees, or troubled history. Transparency and Integrity is the name of the game, and we’re playing for the long haul.

We're here to make the process smooth and easy. Give us a call if you're looking to sell a business in Texas!

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Who Shouldn't Sell a Business With Us

To be clear, we’re not the best fit for everyone. Here are the most common reasons we decline to represent some  business owners.

If any of these apply to you, you’re probably not the right fit for our representation:

  1. Business is too small for us. If your business is doing less than $500,000 in annual revenue. Less than $500,000 is usually too small to attract buyers or be bankable. We would refer you to a DIY strategy or a brokerage that does smaller transactions.
  2. Business is too big for us. If your business is doing more than $25,000,000 in annual revenue, we will be happy to talk to you but may end up referring you to one of the boutique M&A firms we trust that is better equipped for that size of transaction in the middle-market space.
  3. Business is losing money. Our buyers want profitable businesses and we specialize in cash flow based pricing support. We are not the right firm for liquidations, auctions, or distressed situations.
  4. Business is too new. We prefer three or more full years of financials as that’s what most lenders need to feel comfortable, but one full year in business is an absolute minimum.
  5. Business Owner wants to get paid for “potential”. Our buyers love businesses to have a big upside potential and we love sharing the story and vision, but we have to price the business based on the present. If you want to get paid based on what it “could be, with the right owner”, instead of receiving a fair price based on historical earnings, we are probably not the right firm for you. Buyers will buy the future (they’re an optimistic bunch, just like you!), but they’ll only pay the price of the present.

A Final Note & An Invitation

With everything you’ve seen, hopefully you know now that here at Texas Business Buyers, we’re devoted to curating matches between established, profitable businesses and qualified, cash-in-hand buyers. If you're looking to sell a business in Texas, we'd love to help!

We’re friendly, down-to-earth people running a professional brokerage, but nothing about our listing process is casual, or flippant. We have created a “business-selling machine” to quickly deliver the drama-free result you deserve.

If you’re ready to sell your business and unlock the future you’ve dreamed about, we’d like to talk with you and make that possible.

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