The easiest way to own a profitable business

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The easiest way to own a profitable business

by Clint Fiore

The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that approximately 50% of all business startups fail within five years of launch. Not great odds if you’re looking to operate a profit center. Here’s the good news: If you buy a business that’s already successful, with trained employees, a healthy customer base, and historically profitable cash flow, your odds of long-term success are 90-95%.

In the next ten years, an unprecedented number of Baby Boomers in the U.S. will explore converting their businesses into retirement money. And when they do, Texas Business Buyers will be there to ease the transition and usher in the greatest business buyers’ market in history. That’s why we’re streamlining the buying process down to the dotted line: to secure our reputation as the fastest, fairest, and easiest-to-work-with brokers in Texas.

You can depend on Texas Business Buyers to only list cream-of-the-crop opportunities that we would consider purchasing with our money.

Published November 22, 2017

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