San Antonio Seafood Restaurant


San Antonio Seafood Restaurant

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Est. 1982 May 9, 2018
  • $420,000Asking Price
  • $167,210Discretionary Earnings
  • $979,997Gross Revenue
  • $40,000FF&E Included
  • Par LevelInventory Included
  • $430,000 OptionalReal Estate

Located at a very busy intersection in San Antonio (33,000 daily traffic count) this restaurant serves fresh, high-quality seafood to its loyal customer base built over 36 years.  This restaurant features a full bar area, separate inside dining area, and an inviting covered outdoor patio.  In total, the restaurant can seat up to 145 customers at one time.  This restaurant offers a full menu for all seafood lovers along with daily specials for those who want a quick lunch.  Online customer reviews rave about the daily specials offered and in particular the crawfish offered during the season.  Since 2013, this restaurant has steadily seen revenues around $1MM. Unlike a lot of restaurants, the current owner works part-time hours and does an amazing job with the behind the scenes work and setting up his staff for success.

A new owner can reasonably expect to have the benefits of a restaurant that has stood the test of time, while looking forward to new opportunities by capitalizing on key growth areas like new marketing campaigns and capturing new clients that drive by the location daily.  The current owner speculates that a 30-day transition period is needed to transfer ownership and knowledge of how the business operates.

Key Points

  • Great regular customer base built over 36 years
  • Amazing location
  • Reputation for quality
  • Growth potential
  • $40,000FF&E Included
  • Par LevelInventory Included
  • $430,000 OptionalReal Estate

Historical Sales & Discretionary Earnings

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