Next Gen Oil

Josh Motlong

Next Gen Oil

Rick Sralla has purchased the assets of Next Gen Oil. Chad Harding enlisted the help of Business Broker Clint Fiore of Texas Business Buyers, LLC to help find a buyer for his Kerrville-based mobile fleet service company after taking an opportunity in Florida. Chad describes his experience: Rick Sralla is a school principal in Kerrville, TX that saw an opportunity to own a profitable side business that could employ technician friends while providing a valuable service to local business owners. Rick formed Lone Star Mobile Oil, LLC and bought the business assets and customer list from Chad and will be continue the business and expand its client list under its new name. Lone Star Mobile Oil provides on-site mobile fleet service allowing business with fleets of trucks and vans to have their oil changed, filters changed, 12 point inspection including fluids topped off, tire pressures monitored, etc… on site, before or after business hours, for less than the cost of paying employees to take the vehicles into local shops and sit in the waiting rooms while on the clock. This allows the business owner and employees to save money and time, and focus on their business, not on the distraction of maintaining their fleet vehicles. To contact Rick about the benefits of Mobile Fleet Service call 830-377-9647 or email [email protected]


“Clint helped every step of the way to get my Texas business sold even while I was in Florida pursuing a new opportunity. He found me a great buyer who will continue the business and take it to the next level. Clint’s service and expertise helped make the transaction a breeze, even several states away! Highly recommend Texas Business Buyers if you need a buyer for your business.”

Rick Sralla

Owner, Next Gen Oil