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Josh Motlong

Goss Pest Control

Mark Rutherford has purchased Goss Pest Control from its founder, Cody Goss. Cody Goss started Goss Pest Control in Kerrville over 5 years ago. He quickly became well known in the area for his generosity and quality service and experienced double-digit growth in his company every year because of its reputation for excellence. In the last 18 months, Cody has been expanding his service offerings into ranch land and pond management, serving landowners in the region. With two distinct types of clients, Residential/Commercial Pest Control and Ranch Owners, both experiencing rapid growth, Cody decided it was time for his company to become two separate entities; one focused on Pest Control, the other, Ranch and Pond management. Mr. Goss decided it would be best for his family to own and operate one busy company rather than two, and enlisted Clint Fiore, President of Texas Business Buyers, LLC to find a buyer for the Pest Control side of the business. In less than 30 days, Clint had competing offers on the company, and ultimately Cody decided to sell to Mark Rutherford as the best fit to continue the legacy of quality service Goss Pest Control is known for. Mark Rutherford is a long time Kerrville resident and entrepreneur. He owns the Tantanic tanning salon and has partnered on or owned other successful area businesses. Mark is also known as a family man and enjoys spending quality time with his wife Wendy watching his stepson Wyatt Trahan (Senior, Tivy) play football and his stepdaughter Savana Trahan (8th grade, Peterson) play volleyball. In business Mark is known in the area for his attention to detail and emphasis on customer service and will carry those attributes forward into the Goss Pest Control operation. You may see Mark and Cody driving around town together in the eye-catching ladybug-wrapped car or the Goss Pest Control pickup as they begin the transition phase. Service will continue uninterrupted to all customers at the same pricing and quality levels and you’ll keep seeing Cody on job sites for some time as Mark has retained Cody as an employee consultant to oversee his training/transition. Goss Pest Control can be found at www.buggoss.com and their phone number is unchanged at 830-895-4007. Cody’s new company is called Texas Ranch and Ponds and can be found at www.texasranchandponds.com and their phone number is 830-377-6756. Their main services include aquatic vegetation management for treatment of private water for weeds and algae, cactus herbicide spraying, ball moss treatments, and cedar removal. Cody would like to thank his long-term customers for their business and both Mark and Cody would like to additionally thank Clint Fiore for his Business Brokerage and Valuation services, Edward Toll for his legal services, and Roy Thompson of Texas Hill Country Bank for business financing assistance.


“Clint sold my business in 30 days at the price I wanted. He was very organized, professional and made the whole process enjoyable. I would highly recommend Clint if you want the absolute best!”

Cody Goss

Former Owner, Goss Pest Control