Established Home Health Company


Established Home Health Company

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Est. 1995 July 25, 2017
  • Make an offerAsking Price
  • $137,642Discretionary Earnings
  • $3,119,716Gross Revenue
  • $2,100FF&E Included
  • $5,000Inventory Included
  • N/AReal Estate

Established home health agency with locations near Killeen and Rockport. This is a large business doing around $3,400,000 in revenue and has been as high as $3.9M in recent years. Original owner that built and grew it to its peak passed away, and two heirs have been managing it in a trust for almost a decade and are ready to hand it off to a company or individual with passion/vision for growth in the sector that their father had.

Margins are not where they should be and sales are slowly declining, BUT, you have all appropriate licenses which are hard to obtain, a lot of trained employees, paying clients, revenue, and are in an industry poised to explode with the aging population of our nation.

This is an opportunity to buy at a discount, inject some fresh energy and leadership, and immediately come out way ahead when you get the sales and margins back to where they need to be. We are going to market without an asking price and owners just want a fair deal from a competent Buyer (Company or Individual) that knows this space.

Key Points

  • $2,100FF&E Included
  • $5,000Inventory Included
  • N/AReal Estate

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