Established Commercial HVAC Contractor


Established Commercial HVAC Contractor

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Est. 2000 October 5, 2018
  • $905,000Asking Price
  • $359,034Discretionary Earnings
  • $7,142,171Gross Revenue
  • $97,604FF&E Included
  • N/AInventory
  • N/AReal Estate

This is an exciting opportunity for an HVAC company to build on the nearly 20-year success of another family-owned HVAC company, OR for a larger company to absorb the loyal employees, systems, and clients.  This Company has a reputation for excellent service and professionalism, and many area contractors consider them as the “go-to” HVAC contractor.

This business is located in the greater Austin area in a secure office complex that is well-maintained by an excellent property manager.  The owners have spent years developing leadership and talent to run the business in their absence, and their approximately 40 employees are more than capable of handling the day-to-day operations.

The Company is in the final rounds of securing a major contract with a local government agency.  If the contract is signed, a new owner could stand to benefit from a very lucrative and stable maintenance contract that will add another 500K-1M of recurring revenue to the top line with high profit margin.

Key Points

  • • Dedication to excellent service and professionalism
  • • Highly-valued staff are motivated to do well
  • • Excellent relationship with many area contractors as the “go-to” HVAC contractor
  • $97,604FF&E Included
  • N/AInventory
  • N/AReal Estate

Historical Sales & Discretionary Earnings

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