Bio Gardener

Josh Motlong

Bio Gardener

Texas Business Buyers is pleased to announce the successful transition of a long time Organic Austin Landscaping company from its founder, Jeremy W., to San Antonio native Philip Roberts. Bio-Gardener was founded in 2003 and was owned and operated by Jeremy for the last 14 years. He is well-known and respected in Austin for his excellence in providing a holistic and ecological approach to landscape and gardening services.

Bio-Gardener is recognized as one of the most thoughtful and environmentally sustainable landscaping and landscape maintenance companies in Austin. They have long-term employees paid livable wages and use alternative fuels in their equipment to minimize their environmental footprint. Their hallmark is quality work at an affordable price too, and their clients stay with them year-round for many years because of it.

The buyer, Philip Roberts, has a Masters in Landscape Architecture with a Bachelors of Science in Landscape Management and a minor in Business Management.

Philip began working in the landscaping industry in 2011. His range of experience includes working both in private and public sectors. Philip is passionate about landscapes and the ecosystem services they provide and was the perfect fit to take the helm of Bio-Gardener and continue its reputation for excellence. Bio-gardener uses no chemicals and works with the environment rather than against it to create stunning outdoor spaces that conserve water and take advantage of the adapted native plants of Central TX.

Philip and his wife Jenepher have relocated to the Austin area and are so excited for this next chapter of their lives and taking Bio-Gardener to new heights with their expertise in landscaping and business.