Aviation Parts Supply Store


Aviation Parts Supply Store

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Est. 1980 July 3, 2018
  • $300,000Asking Price
  • $63,993Discretionary Earnings
  • $599,599Gross Revenue
  • $20,000FF&E Included
  • $875,499Inventory Included
  • LeasedReal Estate

This business sells aircraft parts with a personal touch that many large distributors lack.  Their reputation for customer service and expertise in the industry stands out in a sea of online catalogs.  The Company specializes in quickly locating “hard-to-find” fasteners regardless of size, quantity, configuration or material.  Products include: screws, nuts, bolts, washers, helical inserts, grommets, spacers and special fasteners with special designations.

A few loyal employees (some with 20+ year history) manage the inventory/packing and do some sales.  A new owner would need to have an outgoing, driving personality, along with excellent attention to detail and organizing skills.  The new owner would spend the bulk of his/her time working on sales and purchases.  Although industry experience and connections would be helpful, that is not necessary to own/operate this business.

Sales and earnings have declined in recent years as the owners have approached retirement age.  This business is priced to sell at much less than the cost of the inventory and equipment.  A new owner can quickly implement a current, responsive website and engage the services of an online marketer to improve SEO/rankings and specifically target their desired customer … who is likely searching online first for parts.  The website is an opportunity to highlight this company’s expertise and customer service.  Effective Marketing can also help grow the repeat customer list.

The long-term forecast for this industry is appealing – especially in emerging markets like Asia and the Middle East – and a buyer with the right connections and resources could endeavor to obtain licensed distributorships of major manufacturers.


Key Points

  • Long history with manufacturers of hard-to-find parts for specialized aircraft (military/civilian)
  • Great customer service providing quick quotes and fair prices
  • Excellent opportunity to purchase established business including customer list and wellorganized inventory for less than the original cost
  • $20,000FF&E Included
  • $875,499Inventory Included
  • LeasedReal Estate

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