Buying or selling a Business shouldn't be so hard

Our Mission is to Bring Transparency and Integrity to Small Business Succession

Our Vision is to Create the Most Trusted Marketplace in Texas for Small Business Buying and Selling

These are our core values

God and Family are more important than Business. We will not compromise our faith or families for money, nor ask others to.

Opportunity is Unlimited. We’re not fighting for a ‘piece of the pie’; we know how to bake pies. If we’re not the right fit, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Always find the win/win. We consider the person across the table and make sure what we’re doing is good for all parties.

Business IS Personal. We are who we are inside and outside the workplace and value authenticity and integrity. We advise others in business like we would our friends and family.

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Doing Business In Your Best Interest

We always put ourselves in YOUR shoes. If we wouldn’t do it in your situation, we recommend you don’t do it, even if it costs us money.

We are as transparent as possible with how we do business. No bait and switch. No “gotchas”. No surprises. No hidden fees. We clearly communicate what we can and cannot do for you, set realistic expectations, and deliver. You will know up front how we get paid and what we must deliver to earn that money.

We are always learning. We heavily invest in ongoing education and constantly earn new accreditations and keep up to speed with the latest business information and technology. We read books and trade publications daily and attend several conferences and training events annually. Learning is our way of life.

We cooperate. We work with other brokers (co-broker) when it makes sense. We pay finder’s fees. We leave no stone unturned to find the best outcomes for our clients.

We use technology more effectively than any other Brokerage and Consulting Firm. In today’s world, the best information and technology is absolutely essential for best business practices. We stay up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques and leverage technology for our benefit and for our clients’.

We do not represent or refer unethical businesses or people. We don’t sell businesses that we wouldn’t be proud to own. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s ethical. Any business or business person that exploits and takes advantage of women, the poor, minorities, etc. for profit, we will not sell or recommend, regardless of the financial benefit available. We believe that small businesses should be making the world a better place, and those are the kinds we choose to work with.

Giving Back

Texas Business Buyers is deeply involved in giving back to our community. These are some of the ways we're currently spreading the love.
Hill Country Pitch Day

Hill Country Pitch Day

Founder and Annual Title Sponsor
Kerrville Children's Business Fair

Kerrville Children's Business Fair

Major Sponsor
Hill Country Economic Summit

Hill Country Economic Summit

Coming King Foundation Sculpture Prayer Garden

Coming King Foundation Sculpture Prayer Garden

A portion of all transactions are donated here

If you’re wanting to buy or sell a profitable Texas Business, give us a call. Most likely we’ll be able to help, and if not, we’ll happily point you in the right direction.